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Benefits of Marine Phytoplankton

Marine phytoplankton's are an ocean and fresh water based micro algae.

Plankton's are common in most oceans and fresh water lakes.

They appear in clusters on top of the water and sometime tend to be colorless.

In the recent years this algae family of phytoplankton have scientifically been proven to be of importance to humans.

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So here are some of the questions people are asking.

The following are benefits of marine phytoplankton to people.

Daily use of this sea plant as supplement enhances brain functions.

Scientifically foods rich in omega 3 supplements are good for brain function and repair of brain cells.

This compound is present in phytoplankton in fact in big quantities thus making it the most recommended omega 3 food supplements.

Algae and plankton contain high levels of anti-inflammatory and ant oxides that aid in detoxification and general metabolism process.

They also facilitate the repair of body cells by igniting the mitochondria hence making the body cells to have enough energy to perform there duties, thus benefits of marine phytoplankton.

Plankton's also help in cardiovascular health.

In matters to do with heart diseases and problems, they support a healthy heart by reducing the bad cholesterol levels.

The substances in plankton's have been proved to be of good help in reducing cholesterol levels in the blood that goes to the heart hence a reduction in the cholesterol levels that meet the heart.

Also it has been proven clinically that plank tons stabilize blood sugar levels.

This means that they can be used to reduce the severe effects of diabetes in humans.

Continuous of plankton food supplements can eventually assist a diabetic person to recover from his or her condition as it puts the blood sugar levels low.

Another important benefit is that plankton's enhance good vision.

In fact it has been agreed that it is more effective than lutein which for years been the most powerful vision enhancer.

The natural nutrients found in plankton's are very helpful in the general well being of human site.

The omega oils present in these food nutrients help in skin care.

They reduce the chances of one having dry skin or even dermatitis conditions.

These nutrients ensure that the skin is supplied with enough required food nutrients to reduce chances of emergence of scars and patches on the skin.

In addition to that these nutrients also promote good liver health.

It is true to say that the nutrients found in plankton's supports healthy liver.

The electrolytes present in plankton's help in ensuring that the liver functions properly.

Daily use of plankton nutrients has been proved to increase or boost energy levels in the body.

The presence of thiamine and valine values in this nutrient is a clear indicator that they aid in ensuring that there is sufficient energy in the body to perform its functions and reduces chronic fatigue.

It has also been discovered that these nutrients supports good sleeping habits.

It is believed that plankton's contain a compound that relaxes the body and also reduces stress levels in the body giving the mind a good environment hence facilitating good sleep.

In conclusion, the above benefits of marine phytoplankton are arguably the best a nutritional food supplement can provide thus making marine plankton's the best food nutrient in the planet.

Therefore one is advised to try at least once in a lifetime to use phytoplankton supplements.


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