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Kelp Benefits

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Blue Green Algae AFA, Astaxanthin Algae, Dunaliella Salina, Chlorella Vulgaris, Ascophyllum nodosum, Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica, Spirulina Platensis, Gigartina Red Marine Algae, Purple Dulse, Spirulina Platensis 10:1, Phycocyanin 25%, Kombu Laminaria japonica, Ecklonia Cava 10:1, Fucoxanthin 35%, Laminaria hyperborea, Laminaria digitata, Fucoidan 40%

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So here are some of the questions people are asking.

Kelp Ascophyllum Nodosum Ocean Algae Benefits

Brittle nails and hair



Dry skin

Weight gain


Increased blood cholesterol levels

Cold hands and feet

Poor concentration and memory

Enlarged thyroid gland

Kills herpes virus

Hair loss

Poor digestion

Bowl gas

Abounds in calcium, chlorine, potassium, magnesium, and other mineral including trace minerals.

Good for nails and hair loss.

Regulates the thyroid and pituitary glands (activates all glands of body).

Helps to regulate body temperature; aids in chronic low body temperature.


Good for pancreas and adrenals.

Helps male and females organs, good for prostate.

Builds cell membrane.

Aids function of digestive and endocrine systems.

Tests in Japan claim it is preventative of fetus abnormalities. Good during pregnancy because it normalizes glands and hormones and because of its high mineral content.

Helps to prevent growth of tumors.


Cleanse the body of radiation.

Acts as an antibiotic; assists the thyroid in releasing iodine into the blood stream when infection is present. Iodine fights infection. Helps prevent disease.

Kelps correct mineral deficiencies.


A good protective food, valuable in overcoming poor digestion, preventing and overcoming goiter (because it is the richest source of iodine), and rebuilding and maintaining the proper function of all glands.


Reported to aid in brain development.

Offsets deficiencies of an inferior diet.

Kelp helps prevent osteoporosis.


Beneficial for those suffering from impotence, anemia and emaciation.

Helps to detoxify the body.

Helps to increase metabolism.

May help in controlling obesity because it dissolves fatty wastes through the skin.


Seaweed helps maintain hormone balance for a more youthful body.


Thyroid problems

Poor digestion


Protection against radiation

Obstinate constipation

Source of organic iodine

Improves metabolism

Stimulates thyroid gland function

Normalizes endocrine gland function

Increases energy levels

Promotes detoxification

Lowers the risk of developing tumors

Sea Kelp has been shown to help alleviate arthritis pain

Kelp can help to increase energy levels

Boost immunity

Improve liver function

Fight against heart disease and cancer

Suppress AIDS

Control appetite and can help with weight loss due to its metabolism stimulating properties.

sea kelp for weight loss.

Sea Kelp has been used to treat thyroid problems due to the iodine in kelp which helps under active thyroids which is due to the lack of iodine.

Helps with poor digestion, flatulence and constipation.

Kelp kills the herpes virus

Kelp helps to lower cholesterol levels

Kelp helps to maintain the health of the mucous membranes

Kelp can be used to help reduce hair loss.


The chemical makeup of Ascophyllum Nodosum is vast and complex. The trace mineral content is extremely high. It also contains significant amounts of iodine, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, B-vitamins and vitamin C.


 Other minerals that make the list include bromine, algin, proteins, mannitol, silicon, nitrogen, phosphorus, cellulosics, selenium, zinc, boron, laminarin, vanadium, molybdenum, and beryllium.


Broad spectrum nutritional support Helps to remove heavy metals and toxins from your body.

An alkalizing supplement that helps maintain long term health and normalizes the thyroid.

Kelp is a type of seaweed that grows along rocky ocean shores all around the world which is well known for its numerous health, wellness and beauty benefits. It can be eaten raw, dried and ground into powder, in liquid or tablet form or incorporated into meals.

Since its nutrients are natural, they are easy for the body to absorb and use.

Kelp is rich with a long list of nutrients, trace elements, vitamins, minerals, growth hormones, enzymes, proteins in it like potassium, calcium, natural sodium, iron, iodine, magnesium, folic acid and phosphorus.

It has unique antioxidants and is a great natural source of iron, phytonutrients and lignans. Most recently it has been promoted as a weight-loss supplement since it helps to control the appetite and stimulates body metabolism.

Of the many health benefits of kelp, its main use traditionally was for the prevention of goiter, thyroid disorders and other iodine deficiencies.

Other than that, it helps protect against radiation poisoning and reduces the negative effects of chemotherapy on the body.

It stimulates and boosts the immune system and helps with female hormone regulation during pregnancy. It is also used to help fight cancer because kelp has fucoidan which kills cancer cells.

It serves as an anti-inflammatory for arthritis and rheumatism.

It is a treatment for psoriasis, constipation, flatulence, indigestion, obesity and circulatory and kidney disorders.

With the vitamin B complex present in kelp, it aids in increasing energy levels and combating stress. Experts claim, too, that it has benefits for the spinal cord, brain tissue, the sensory nerves and maintains the health of the mucous membranes around the brain.

It has been shown to help lower cholesterol levels, improve liver function, stabilize body temperature and strengthen body tissue. It even has benefits for sexually transmitted diseases as kelp can kill the herpes virus and it suppresses AIDS.

 It helps reduce hair loss, fights fatigue, improves poor memory and concentration, promotes good fertility and combats the negative side effects of menopause.

 It reduces cellulite and improves nail, hair and skin condition. It helps prevent heart disease and osteoporosis. It is also currently being researched for colon cancer and breast cancer prevention.

Studies show that a regular diet containing kelp had phytoestrogenic properties and effectively lowered serum estradiol levels in women. As a result, women who have kelp rich diets were less prone to endometrial, ovarian and breast cancer.

 Research also found that women with endometriosis experienced significantly lesser pain when they took kelp supplement capsules.

Experience a natural way of restoring, maintaining and improving your body’s health now by taking kelp supplement. Incorporate kelp into your daily menu as a dish or as a substitute for salt.

The delicious, delicate flavor of kelp can either be added as seasoning to everyday dishes like seafood, dips, casseroles, soups, sauces, salads and a lot more.

Kelp is an amazing food and health supplement with a lot of vitamins, minerals and aesthetic value, thus, making it useful for cooking as well as beauty, health and wellness purposes.


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