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Marine Phytoplankton Side Effects

Marine phytoplankton are too tiny to be viewed by the human eye, they can only be viewed by high powered microscopes.

Marine phytoplankton's impact on the world's environment is a great one.

Marine phytoplankton make up the basis of the marine food chain.

Although marine phytoplankton are very helpful in many ways, such as they produce much of the oxygen we need to breathe, they remove vast quantities of carbon monoxide from the air.

But some marine phytoplankton produce poisons that kill fish and make humans sick.

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So here are some of the questions people are asking.

Marine phytoplankton are single celled, plant like organisms that float in every body of water on the planet.

Under some certain circumstances marine phytoplankton suddenly produce harmful compounds that kill fish and harm humans.

These poisonous phytoplankton outbreaks are called "red tides" because of the phytoplankton's reddish orange appearance.

Marine phytoplankton side effects consists of many different symptoms.

Most of the natural toxins that contaminate fish and shellfish are produced by phytoplankton.

But most phytoplankton dietary supplements go through strict screening procedures to ensure that none of these toxins are present making them absolutely safe.

Marine phytoplankton dietary supplements are very beneficial for all types of ailments.

These little wonders have been proven to cure chronic conditions starting at the cellular level, marine phytoplankton provides every nutrient the human body needs for sustaining life.

Most Doctors speak highly of the miraculous health benefits of marine phytoplankton supplements.

Their is no wonder that marine phytoplankton's elements and electrolytes are made for the human body, human blood plasma's composition is close to that of seawater.

So, the nutrients of this amazing microscopic organism is like super food for the human body.

This proves that the best nutrition comes out of the sea and that over reliance of land based nutrition is causing our bodies to have deficiencies of important miconutrients and trace elements.

These two important things that phytoplankton provide are essential for our body to function the way nature intended.

Left to it's own devices, the human body has an amazing system called homeostasis which keeps everything in check.

Take the nutrients that phytoplankton give the body and it provides room for malfunction and illness.

There are no side effects to marine phytoplankton only benefits too numerous to count.

Every doctor question and answer session cannot expose any side effects, only health benefits.

These little micro nutrients have been proven to help protect against cancer cells and in some cases even kill them.

These micro nutrients have been shown to stop arthritis pain in joints, control Crohn's disease flare ups, they help fuse fractures in bone and speed up healing time.

Marine phytoplankton has also been shown to take the place of many psychiatric drugs, such as antidepressant drugs.

Marine phytoplankton can be used to treat Osteoporosis.

So, if you are looking for the medically proven wonder drug, then look no further then marine phytoplankton.

This little wonder could be the fountain of youth for the twenty first century.

Marine phytoplankton side effects? You can be confident there are none.

So, go ahead and take this great journey to freedom of sickness and pain.

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