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Sea Minerals

Sea Minerals

Seas are one of the greatest storehouses of minerals known to man.

The quantity of minerals in the form of mainly salts and some other products dissolved in the sea water as well as present in the sea-beds is much greater than any other source.

However it must be noted that the quantity and quality of minerals in seas is not the same everywhere and it mainly varies according to the topography as well as the geographical features of the region.

Sea Minerals Salinity

Sea Minerals SALTS

The salinity of sea water found mainly in the world's seas and oceans is mainly found to be 3.5 per cent. The salinity is mainly comprised of salts f predominantly sodium, others being potassium, magnesium etc. that are mainly found I relatively minor amounts.

Among the various salts of sodium, the chloride salts mainly formed by (Na+ and Cl- salts) are mainly found(35 grams in approximately one litre). Sulphur , Bromine, calcium and carbon are also present in sea water.

Some of the main reasons for the maintenance of nearly equal salinity through the presence of various minerals are evaporate deposits, pore water burial, and reactions with seafloor basalts. Apart from these, some insoluble salts of metal ions may also be found in the sea beds.

The minerals that are present in sea water are put to a variety of uses by human beings. Sodium chloride is mainly used to prepare common salt fit for consumption through proper treatment.

Sea Minerals Magnesium and Potassium Salts

Sea Minerals Mining

Some other salts like magnesium and potassium salts are also separated from sea water through proper treatment of the sea water according to the requirements. Apart from these salts , some other sea minerals as obtained from the sea water also possess medicinal properties , and some others are used in various manufacturing procedures in industries.

Minerals found in the bed of the seas and oceans are mainly obtained through various underwater mining procedures.

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