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What is Monatomic?

You may feel perplexed while reading this article without fully understanding what is monatomic. In daily life, we commonly comprehend that monatomic are single atoms that are not bound to one another.

What is Monatomic?

However, in terms of scientific studies, such as in Chemistry and Physics, monatomic is knows as a combination of single "mono" and atoms "atomic", which means "monatomic" single atom.

Gases such as helium, neon, argon and xenon are some examples of monatomic gases that we often came in contact with or read about in reading materials. Strictly speaking, under Standard Temperature and Pressure (STP), all the noble gases are monatomic. Heavier noble gases form compounds while the lighter ones remain unreactive. Normally, all elements at the gas phase will be monatomic under sufficiently high temperatures.

What is Monatomic? ATOM

Monatomic atom of an element exhibits entirely different physical characteristics from its metallic form. The differences between them are under researches which carry out by nuclear physicists.

However, a few major differences between them are discovered. In classical literature, a monatomic element was recorded as white powder which has a fluorescent-like glow. According to Mr. David Hudson, who made the discovery of the incredible monatomic, this powder behaves as a superconductor at room temperatures, therefore it possesses very interesting properties. Because it's properties as a superconductor, it has a tendency to ride on the magnetic field, allowing it to possess the powers of levitation.

What is Monatomic? Physicists

The physicists also found that it is extremely difficult for them to determine the specific gravity of monatomic elements because the weight varies widely along with the change of temperature and magnetic environment. Under certain circumstances, monatomic elements could weigh less than zero. This discovery means, a container full of monatomic matter could be observed weighing less than an empty container under some specific circumstances.

To understand further about what is monatomic, you need to study from a few different aspects that branched from the same major subject. Monatomic gold is the non-metallic, zero -valence, non- toxic, form of gold. It is a superconductor with high-temperature which can be manufactured alchemically by using 24carat metallic gold.

What is Monoatomic? Seawater

It could occurs naturally in volcanic soils, seawater and exist in small amounts in the violet or purple skins of fruits or vegetables and even some medicinal plants such as red colored grapes and eggplants.

Monatomic gold is often regarded as a myth in our modern society, being so heavily depending on scientific theories and beliefs, most of us are unable to accept the almost mystical results that monatomic gold (as belief) could bring. Lacking scientific views and theories to support.

Monatomic gold which was originally taken by the Egyptians as a sort of supplement. The monatomic gold were once taken by the ancient Egyptians in a form of something called "manna", a bread-like substance that has a triangular shape. "Manna" often appears on the hand of pharaohs and priest (the highest rulers in the social hierarchy of ancient Egypt ) on tomb walls. Monatomic gold was believed by the ancient Egyptians as the " Elixir of Life" and " Food for the Afterworld", it was also heralded by the Egyptians as possessing supernatural powers.

What is Monoatomic? Egyptians

Although, it is often debatable by the academist whether the Egyptian substance that appears on those tomb walls was actually monatomic gold but there are actually some historical evidence that are able to support the theory that a large group of ancient Egyptians alchemists had been trying and repeatedly experimenting to achieve monatomic gold which more commonly acknowledge as "white powdered gold".

It was believed that the alchemist knowledge was passed down through ancient Chaldean and Cabbalistic. Chaldean are the magicians during historical Babylon and particularly at Hellenistic context whereas Cabbalistic is the Jewish's mystical teachings and traditions. However, those are simply myth without real, solid scientific prove.

Starting at the year 1975, a gentleman by the name David Hudson discovered the unlimited potential in monatomic related elements and started a series of extensive research on monatomic substances. He spent nearly 8. 7 million dollars on attempt to identify them using massive spectral analysis equipment. His discovery was indeed an astonishing one, he found out that monatomics exist on everywhere in the earth's crust and therefore had to be found throughout nature! He patented monatomic gold and named these mysterious substances as ORMES (Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements) or ORMUS or "m-state" particles.

We are going to continue by studying what is monatomic in depth by understanding the fascinating benefits of monatomic elements. If not already, it is believe by many that monatomic movements will fully establish itself in wellness enterprise and even move to a greater degree serving the purpose as alternative medicine.

David Hudson is frequently credited for his rediscovery of white powder gold, meanwhile Laurence Gardner, the popular author who wrote a series of aspiring books regarding white powder gold. He successfully popularized monatomic elements by writing about it in his books, and keep the public posted about the benefits that monatomic elements could bring.

It is believed by many centuries throughout history that monatomic gold (white powder gold) enable natural healing and awakening process. David Hudson eventually theorized this belief originated from the ancient Egyptians. His theory is elongated nuclei inside monatomic elements allow them to have a high spin state and with paired electrons, monatomic elements are superconductors.

What is Monoatomic? energy

Energy produced by white powder gold (monatomic gold) could practically flow through living creature's body without any resistance. Monatomic gold could pass through tension and resistances in the body which are build up from discomfort. Elements from monatomic elements would then promote a positive light inside the body and enables the healing process to be automated within the body and help healing the mind of an individual who's currently facing lots of discomfort and imbalances.

White powder gold or monatomic elements provide endless possibilities for helping us improving out lives, with this discovery that monatomic elements are able to increase the positive light in our inner spirit.

Monatomic elements (monatomic gold, white powder gold and etc.) would enhance our inner strength from within, enable us to live more positively and relieving the struggles we may face. Meanwhile, monatomic elements also keep us alert and aware of the surroundings we are in.

In ancient times, the Egyptians also believed that white powder gold would facilitate extraordinary life-spans, help in healing process and cure all kinds of diseases thus allowing the body to operate perfectly.

Today, we would say that white powder gold could vastly increase the ability of each cell to conduct electrical impulses, like performing an effective re-writing job for our whole body.

Now, there are a lot of companies during various research that varies from each another to develop the best and perfected products that based on the concept of monatomic elements, perfected m-state products sourced from deep-sea water and selected organic sources are formulated to bring the ancient science to a new millennium while drastically improving the standard of human being's life.

Knowing further about the health impact that monatomic elements related products could bring you is certainly necessary, according to those who had taken or used monatomic elements related products, monatomic elements are cram packed with all the nutrients necessary to promote and develop superior health and it is the only products of its kind available now.

When you take monatomic developed supplements to your diet, you are supplying your body with huge amount of health giving antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes with minimal effort or change in your lifestyle. Most of those who had tried with monatomic elements products or M-state product agreed that the benefits of these products are providing them a healthier life and thus creating a better living for them.

According to researchers, taking supplements develop based on monatomic elements could help to gives an individual a general well sense of being (bring positive impact ). It could help in facilitating processes such as healing and acts well as an antioxidant by affecting the endocrine system to secrete more anti-aging secretions. Monatomic elements also cause pineal gland to secrete more melatonin, serotonin and other feel good hormonal secretions.

What is Monoatomic? Brain

Scientists are also conducting various studies on how monatomic elements could assist in balancing and also synchronizing the two hemispheres (the left and right) of the brains, causing both sides of the brains to be higher than their original capabilities to perform their specific tasks and functions.

The aim of the study is to synchronizing the two hemispheres of the brains so that the respective abilities are equal which is not in the case of a normal person who tends to use one hemisphere of the brain more than another. Researches an often show that, in thinking state, left-side of the brains is higher, level-wise on a brains graphs than the right side of the brains which deals with creativity. Under creative state, the right-side of the brain shows higher on brains graphs and such imbalance of hemisphere occur on all higher beings such as human, dolphins and whales. If the goal is successfully achieved, it is believed to be able to do wonders on human and bring more improvement to the society, country or even world.

What is Monatomic? What is Ormus?

What is Ormus? It is certainly a question that frequently asked by many, also commonly known as ORMEs (Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements), white powder gold, m-state elements and monoatomic gold is the same substance that the ancients referred to as manna, showbread, ch'i, Prana, the Philosopher's Stone, shemanna and the Fountain of Youth.

Many people has a misconception about the occurrence of Ormus, they would think of Ormus as chemically produced by various unknowns chemicals, but here is the fact, Ormus is definitely not an industrial product that massively produced by factories using many unknowns chemicals, instead Ormus is a naturally occurring elements that sourced from some of the purest places in the world.

Ormus are found naturally on earth such as, in the sea-water, the surrounding air and naturally in all living creatures to a certain degree, particularly vegetables that are grown in organic and natural soil.

What is Monoatomic? Aleo Vera

Research shows that some of the fruits and vegetables contains higher level of Ormus than others, one of the examples are Aloe Vera and Noni fruit. Ormus in food is massively reduced when it is cooked and heated to a temperature that is higher than 107F.

The concentration level of Ormus is directly related to the concentration of Ormus in the soil and that is why organic planted vegetables produce more Ormus than conventionally-planted vegetables.

The importance of ormus in the field of science as an extraordinary superconductor gave so irregular values that physicists often compare it with how the Meissner effect disturbed the weighting of a superconducting material.According to Wikipedia, the Meissner effect could be describe as follow: Magnetic field lines that are going through superconducting material should be locked in a certain place which is relative to its material.

This could cause light materials to move around quite unpredictably and if it's external magnetic field changes - even if only the normal geomagnetism is present. Ormus, aside from it's extraordinary ability in acting as superconductor, also possess another incredible quality in it.

What is Monoatomic? Healing Process

It is amazing in helping the healing process, ormus elements which exists as stable, heat resistant, chemically inert and non-toxic crystalline powder and others such as oil like liquids and colloids which can be obtain and extract out from various sources such as from the black sea salts, water or precious metals and volcanic soils using steps and techniques developed after many years of research, are reportedly to be able in boosting the vital life force in the body, and thus results in extraordinary holistic rejuvenating effects on the body, mind and spirit.

Monatomic elements and it's related product clearly brings a lot of benefits to human. Those who take monatomic elements as supplement describe an extensive list of benefits, some of which are quite unknowns to the scientist, the examples of some of the benefits including increased stamina and extra energy, improved the sex drive of men and women, results in better immunity, ladies who constantly giving comments such as they are looking younger, regained their confidence with their own outer appearance and drastically increased mental and concentrating ability on work or in life.

They obviously are contented with the results the experienced by using the products. If you want to improve your health, then your should do more research and then take initiative to whether you want to start with a diet, consuming more food with higher concentration level of Ormus or meditating to achieve inner peace.

It is always possible to achieve better health conditions if you are determined.

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