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Marine phytoplankton's are microscopic organisms found on the upper sunlit layer of oceans.

Being the primary producers in the marine environment, they are fed on by several marine organisms.

Marine phytoplankton is rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and super oxidant's.

The phytoplankton is a comprehensive whole food with high nutritional value.

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Blue Green Algae AFA, Astaxanthin Algae, Dunaliella Salina, Chlorella Vulgaris, Ascophyllum nodosum, Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica, Spirulina Platensis, Gigartina Red Marine Algae, Purple Dulse, Spirulina Platensis 10:1, Phycocyanin 25%, Kombu Laminaria japonica, Ecklonia Cava 10:1, Fucoxanthin 35%, Laminaria hyperborea, Laminaria digitata, Fucoidan 40%

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So here are some of the questions people are asking.

Additionally, with its small size, it is believed that it can easily penetrate through cells in the body thereby providing it with numerous health benefits.

There are many species of marine phytoplankton.

However there is a lot of species that contain nutrients beneficial to man.

These too possess varying degrees of nutrients and one species containing the highest degree of nutrients has been selected.

This species in now produced to provide the nutrients in bio reactors.

In the bio reactors, the phytoplankton's are allowed to grow and carry out photosynthesis as they normally would.

Upon maturation, they are harvested and processed such that they still retain their high energy.

The extracted concentrated solution is then blended to form a concentrated ionic mineral solution.

Marine phytoplankton's naturally have a high content of chlorophyll.

This increases their uptake of oxygen, which translates to more energy to the muscles.

The muscles' performance improves and increases their endurance.

This fuel in muscles is delivered to the DNA in body cells eventually flowing to the blood, then to the brain.

This goes to master glands located deep in the brain making the brain stimulated resulting in improved mental clarity.

Omega-3 fatty acids that are essential for human health are contained in high levels.

It also contains antioxidant nutrients, pigments such as zeaxanthin, astaxanthin and other carotenoids.

These pigments possess vital medicinal properties that aid the body in healing.

In addition, these microscopic organisms have minerals and amino-acids.

There are several ways marine phytoplankton can be taken.

The amount taken will differ from person to person depending on the nutritional effects that may be required.

The intervals with which you take are important too.

The consumption should be spread throughout the day for maximum benefits.

When added to juice, it should be taken as soon as possible to get the most benefits.

There are very many health benefits that come from taking marine phytoplankton.

It is known to enhance the functioning of the brain and improving the clarity of mind.

Marine phytoplankton increases the energy in the body, improves the functioning of the immune system, and prevents the body against bacterial, fungal or viral infections.

It also protects the body from radiation, detoxifies the body while at the same time improving blood circulation and the functioning of the heart.

There are symptoms that may stem from degenerative diseases in the body that are suppressed by the marine phytoplankton.

So when you go to buy plankton look for a combination of them to get the full nutritional benefits.

The best Marine Phytoplankton supplements, the one that achieves the benefits listed above, share some identifying features.

The first is that they are a combination of three different marine phytoplankton strains.

These are Gigartina Red Marine Phytoplankton, Dunaliella Salina Marine Phytoplankton and Astaxanthin Marine Phytoplankton Haematococcus pluvialis.

Very importantly these strains, in combination, are the ones that have been studied with positive results both in the lab and through feedback "in the field".

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