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Phyto Plankton

Mineral and bio-product extracts from the marine habitat has been cure to many critical diseases since centuries.

Chinese and other eastern sub continents make made use of marine products for treatment of most complex diseases even in present days.

From all the living habitats the sea holds within it, marine Phyto Plankton is well known for its role in overall health.

In the modern era, people are quite aware of advantages of taking diet supplements.

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Blue Green Algae AFA, Astaxanthin Algae, Dunaliella Salina, Chlorella Vulgaris, Ascophyllum nodosum, Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica, Spirulina Platensis, Gigartina Red Marine Algae, Purple Dulse, Spirulina Platensis 10:1, Phycocyanin 25%, Kombu Laminaria japonica, Ecklonia Cava 10:1, Fucoxanthin 35%, Laminaria hyperborea, Laminaria digitata, Fucoidan 40%

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So here are some of the questions people are asking.

Hence reputed manufacturers are giving emphasis upon extraction of these precious minerals and bio chemicals from the sea habitats.

These extracts from marine Phyto Plankton are available in online stores in both capsule and powder form.

In spite of having enough knowledge about these products, it's recommended to consult a physician about the dosage of these medicines.

Only a professional can confirm whether someone needs a marine extracts supplement or not.

Few of the benefits of this herbal remedy are enlisted below:

As the marine Phyto Plankton survives in the oceanic food chain, which in turn must have included other related food chains; it carries almost all the important minerals of the food chains.

As it produces almost half of the total oxygen produced by the marine flora, it shows the highest rate of metabolism.

This shows not only these marine lives have contribution to the oceanic oxygen, but also they have important role in aerial oxygen.

They are rich in proteins, vitamins, rare enzymes, antioxidant's (to prevent themselves from oxidation as they themselves create ample oxygen), minerals (salty water of ocean has almost all rare minerals), fatty acids, chlorophyll (as they produce oxygen through photosynthesis) and more nutritional components.

Studies have surprised the researchers that only the marine Phyto Plankton has enough nutritional value to meet all the diet requirements of the world for three decades.

People get acidity due to their busy schedule and irregular lifestyle.

As marine Phytoplankton has an alkaline pH, they are used against acidity.

They are extremely efficient in neutralizing the pH of stomach if consumed for a long period.

The high concentration of minerals put our cell membranes into action (revitalizes cell membranes).

As a result we can experience better oxygen and nutrition absorption from our regular diets.

When the cell membranes are active enough to take part in detoxification, the skin starts to glow removing almost all skin diseases.

The essential minerals and fatty acids trigger mitochondria to produce more energy coins (ATPs).

The body undergoes better homeostasis balance.

The residual energy in Phyto Plankton adds up to our energy level and gives significant push up.

On consumption, one witnesses better brain activity, efficient cell activity and optimized cardiac function.

Studies show that these possess anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti radiation properties too.

Chlorophyll increases oxygen amount in our body resulting in more energy transformation and hence increased endurance and confidence.

This is the best herbal remedy for skin diseases like Psoriasis and skin symptoms like acne.

All these benefits are solid arguments against why you should add Phyto Plankton supplement in your diet.

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